From the Desk of Rick DeMasters

As I look over the January calendar, a quote from Nathaniel Hawthorne comes to mind that says, “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” It seems like it was just yesterday that we watched students entering our campuses for the 2017-2018 school year, but in a blink of an eye, we find ourselves welcoming in a new year.

Over the past few months, we have watched our students grow academically through their involvement in extracurriculars such as academic contests, athletics, and a variety of theatrical and musical productions and competitions. We’ve also watched our 2018 Senior Class progress closer to the end of their high school careers as they focus on submitting college applications, awaiting acceptance letters, and seeking those coveted scholarships that will help make their dreams come true.

Learning from the “shadows of our past,” Celina ISD Administrators, city leaders, business owners, and community members have joined efforts to evaluate our current facilities and to discuss what the future outlook holds for our district. Discussions have centered around school organization as it pertains to campus sizes, feeder patterns, land acquisitions, and opportunities for partnering with the City of Celina. Focus was also concentrated on the future of nonacademic facilities to include transportation, technology, CTE programs, athletic facilities, maintenance, and security. Throughout our committee meetings, it was evident that we are blessed to live and work with community members that are committed to putting the best interest of our students as their highest priority.

We also are very fortunate to have available resources accessible through neighboring districts that have first-hand knowledge of the trials and tribulations associated with rapid growth and have readily shared their experiences, both the good and the bad with our committee members. Their experiences frame a more realistic picture of what the future holds for our community and to make preparations for the possible challenges that may come our way.

During the Celina ISD School Board meeting scheduled for January 15, 2018, Mr. Bill Hemby, Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance and Operations will be presenting a detailed review of existing district facilities and a master plan that addresses future needs to include a timeline for the construction of additional facilities. Committee members met numerous times over the past few months reviewing present facilities and prioritizing the need for additional facilities. Upon approval from board members, committee members will start to work on a bond referendum that will provide support to facilitate our rapidly growing population.

It is also not surprising that as committee members began to design a plan for the future of our district, it was emotional for those members that not only were born and raised here, but for those that moved to Celina because of the traditions and values that make our city and district unique. We have had front row seats to districts that have exploded in size over the last ten years, adding multiple campuses, mascots, and colors into the mix. Our committee members have taken that into account and have focused their efforts to provide our students with academic and nonacademic facilities that will withstand rapid growth, while at the same time continue the Bobcat legacy for many more years to come.

As our landscape begins to take on the changes that come with growth, our city and district leaders are working together and have built a strong foundation that will support the future of our community, while keeping its integrity and values at the forefront. The shadows left behind are not forgotten, but will guide us through the challenges we will face in the future as we travel this ever-changing path called growth.

Published by Jason Reynolds

The visionary behind Cedarbrook Media, Jason has over 20 years of experience in project management and design.

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