Celina ISD Police Chief Issues Safety Concern Bulletin

A Message from Bobby R. Manson, Chief of Celina ISD Police Department

Celina ISD is committed to the safety of our students and drivers in and around our schools. There have been a high number of reports of speeding in our school zones especially on Malone Street, feeding Celina Primary School. The boundaries of this school zone were re-defined in September 2017 by the City of Celina. This school zone now runs from Preston Road (east) to N. Texas Drive (west).

Enforcement for the past few months has been via verbal or written warnings as a courtesy for parents to get used to the new boundaries. This courtesy enforcement period has now ended.

As a reminder, only State maintained highways have flashing beacons at school zone boundaries. City maintained school zones DO NOT HAVE BEACONS. City maintained school zones are effective 7:30 – 9:00am and 2:30 – 4:00pm each school day.

We appreciate your attention to the safe operation of vehicles in and around our schools. By driving at safe speeds, stopping for loading/unloading buses, and using cell phones legally, we can continue to offer our students the safest environment possible to learn.

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