The Buzz of a New Season

Buzz. It’s the sound of bees around Springtime flowers. The sound of neon signs outside of new businesses and a general feeling in the air during this busy time of year. It only takes a brief look at the calendar to ask the question, “Where has the time gone?” One minute we’re cleaning up after the Christmas season, and in what seems like only a few weeks later, we’re wearing Easter shoes and anticipating prom season. If you blink, it all goes by in a flash.

It has been a great season here at Cedarbrook Media. The friends we’ve made, as well as the community events and businesses we’ve seen open and flourish, have made an impact on us both personally and professionally. There’s no denying that our little city is growing, and we appreciate the opportunity to be along for the ride. We believe that like any small town, the community takes the most pride in what is their own. Our neighbors, our sports teams, our businesses, all seem to focus around one specific resource. Our children. We drop them of at kindergarten, see them through the early years of lunch boxes and construction paper pictures. Until one day we turn around they are eye level getting their braces off. Then, before you know it, they’re driving to their first day of their Senior year in their first car. Time stops for no one and in the blink of an eye it’s on to a different season.

Springtime is a very special time for us as a family, but also as business owners. Through our journey as publishers we’ve had the opportunity to meet forever friends, photograph hometown athletes and watch the kids of our community grow up during the process. Jason’s love for photography stems from the desire to preserve the moments in his own children’s lives and has an appreciation for capturing and preserving those memories for other parents as well. No matter what the seasons of life bring our way, we’re happy to be doing life together and by together, we mean with you, the fellow citizens of Celina. Let’s gear up for a successful graduation season for our Class of 2018.  We wouldn’t be here without you and whether we’re photographing or showcasing the success of Celina students, witnessing new business ventures or telling your stories, we are proud to be a part of the buzz.

Click HERE to view the April issue of CELINA Magazine.

Published by Heather Reynolds

Heather brings her flair for creativity and writing to Cedarbrook Media, along with 25 years of business development and relationship building experience.

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