Celina Elementary Student Of The Month Krew Weston Smalley

Celina Elementary Student of the Month…Krew Weston Smalley

Krew Weston Smalley, a first grader at Celina Elementary, has a lot to be proud of. This cutie thanks his teachers, friends and family for helping him achieve his exciting new title “Student of the Month” for April.

Krew is #7 on his many sports teams, as he plays football, baseball and basketball. When he grows up he’d like to be a Veterinarian or an athlete for the NFL or NBA. He has 2 sisters, Sarah and Kyleigh and 2 pet cats.

When asked why he thought he won Student of the Month, this recipient who has also won many Bobcat awards in his 2-year academic history said, “It is probably because I try to be very quiet, use my manners and raise my hand before speaking”. When I asked if he won because he’s just an overall good kid he said, “Pretty much.”

Mrs. Edwards, Krew’s first Grade teacher is a special lady if you ask him. “She kept the award a secret all day long” he said. He followed that with “What is so great about her is the fact that she tells us that all of her students are a part of her family”. We think that the main things she has taught her 1st Grade class is the importance of being kind and having self-confidence.

He also thinks a whole lot of Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Teresa as they are “thoughtful and caring, too”. And another one of Krew’s favorite people is his Paw Paw, who he calls “Pops.” One of his best memories is when Pops took him on a vacation to St. Croix where he got to go swimming and play volleyball, ping pong and frisbee.

We understand that on June 25th, Krew will turn 8 years old and we’d like to wish him a Happy Birthday and say Congratulations for being a phenomenal 1st Grader.
We’d also like to wish all of the students, teachers and administrators at Celina Elementary, a very Happy Summer. Keep up the great work building our future leaders, one student at a time!

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