Business Spotlight – North Texas Custom Plumbing

The year was 1997 in Celina, Texas. That was when John Carter had the idea to start a plumbing company. He was working with his mentor, Sam Fritz, in Frisco and was excelling as a plumber. Frisco was booming at the time with a population of 20,000 people. He learned a lot during this time of fast growth.

At that time, Celina had a population of only 2,000 people. It was the perfect place to be. During the first few years, it was a hard road having to learn the ins and outs of running a company. His mission was always to put the customer first, because without the customer, the company is nothing. Growing up in a sports family and with his father, Pat Carter, Sr. being his coach, John was taught the work-hard attitude. Today, John runs his company like a coaching staff. He is the head coach, the office staff are his assisting coaches and the plumbers in the field are the captains. You need to have skilled plumbers with the knowledge to execute the jobs to be successful. John has always surrounded himself with great people, even early on in his company. North Texas Custom Plumbing has the best staff around.

The office is run by John’s wife, Sherry Carter. She has an awesome team: Rebecca, Liz, Cariana, Marilyn and Candy. Together the office staff keeps all facets of North Texas Custom Plumbing running like a well-oiled machine. John uses a speech from Jason Garrett, of the Dallas Cowboys, many times. The speech talks about doing your job. It starts with the office staff taking the calls and executing the plumbers to the job, if one person is down then the next person will step up and provide the best possible customer service. “You do your job and trust everyone else to do their job. We are interdependent, we don’t work by ourselves, we rely on each other. Everyone at North Texas Custom Plumbing understands this. This is who we are. We depend on each other and it works.”

Meet the Plumbers: Garrett, Michael, Gary, Nathan, Dylan, Cole, Abe and John Boston. These are the best men in the business, they are the reason North Texas Custom Plumbing gets recommended for many of the projects they do. North Texas Custom Plumbing is a partner with one of the largest Tankless water heater manufacturers in the U.S., Rinnai. Rinnai has a first-class reputation and is the company North Texas Custom Plumbing speaks about having great integrity that represents North Texas custom Plumbing. They have been a partner with Rinnai for over 7 years and are the leader in Tankless water heater service.

John always made sure he gave back to the community. Celina strong, the Celina community is one of the best around. Being a part of the Celina athletics, police and fire departments was a very important part of the growth of the company. You would always see North Texas Custom Plumbing pulling the smoker/grill to football games, cooking for the coaches and the teams for years. John said it has been a blessing bringing up the kids in Celina.

The growth is coming, it’s time to embrace it. And with the growth in the area, comes an opportunity. They have surrounded themselves with great employees and have found the best builders in the area that have the same integrity that represents their company. North Texas Custom Plumbing loves a challenge; no job is too hard or too small. They are skilled to handle anything from small leaks to large new construction projects.

Here are a few recommendations from some of our Celina customers:

Bill Elliott, Athletic Director Celina ISD
After knowing John Carter for the past 18 years and watching him grow a successful business here in the Celina area, you come to realize what a great person he really is, how much he cares about people and goes out of his way to help those in the community. I can’t tell you the times he has done things for our athletes and families in need in our program. John is a great asset to Celina and represents what being a Bobcat is all about.

Gordon Greeson, Halifax Homes – builder in Celina
North Texas Custom Plumbing is our best and most trustworthy plumbing company. John Carter has extensive plumbing knowledge and is our go-to plumber for all of our plumbing needs. This company is well run and is stocked with hardworking exceptional employees.

E.L. and Teena Marks, Owners Bobcat Kuntry
In 1997, John Carter walked into Bobcat Kuntry and asked if he could open a charge account for his business NTCP. Not knowing him from “Adam”, we thought he had to be crazy! Well, over the next few weeks, a relationship was born. Trust, friendship and dependable work ethics emerged. This relationship also included community involvement. From cooking steaks and meals for football boys to having customer appreciation dinners together. This friendship continues today. We are honored and proud to call John and Sherry Carter our friends. Their business at North Texas Custom Plumbing has flourished because of their dedication to be of service to others.

Mark Kissinger, Personal Financial Representative/Licensed Sales Producer Allstate
Over the last 20 years, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has been more involved in the community than John Carter of North Texas Custom Plumbing. From late nights making BBQ for the QB Club to sponsoring your sports and hosting events at his home, John and Sherry have really gone the extra mile for the citizens of Celina. A lot of people will come and go and be involved for a short while and then get burned out…not John and Sherry. I really don’t know how they constantly have the energy to keep going. From a business standpoint, John is fair and is dedicated to service, and is a provider of jobs in the Celina area. John treats his customers with respect and no job is too big or too small. I’m glad that I know John and Sherry and hold them up as true Celina philanthropists.

Here are a few comments from the employees:

Cariana: The North Texas Custom Plumbing workplace is very welcoming and family oriented. The plumbers are knowledgeable and friendly. This company values family and hard work. It is a pleasure to work for North Texas Custom Plumbing serving the community and helping others.

Rebecca: Not only are they family oriented in their passion to provide hot water so that no family goes without, they also give back to their local communities and treat employees like family. My service plumbers always work their hardest to satisfy each and every customer. They start early and end late daily. North Texas Custom Plumbing strives to satisfy each and every customer no matter how big or small. I never expected to be so touched by our customers both in time of need and in time of gratitude. I was at the right place at the right time in a yoga class when Sherry offered me a job. Never dreamed yoga would lead me to plumbing.

Liz: North Texas Custom Plumbing is a family owned, small business serving customers in the North Texas area. They care deeply about making sure you have hot water and the convenience of modern plumbing we’ve all come to depend on. Our plumbers enjoy what they do, which allows them to utilize their knowledge and skills to provide unique solutions for plumbing challenges. It has been an incredible experience as part of the new construction division to participate first hand in the growth of our community. What I appreciate most is that North Texas Custom Plumbing values families of their employees and those of the customer. This is a beautiful quality that creates an amazing team environment that enhances customer service.

Cole: Getting to come to work at NTCP is a privilege. NTCP gave me a chance at the plumbing world with little to no experience. NTCP is one big ole’ family and I can’t imagine I would have stuck with the plumbing trade if it weren’t for John and Sherry’ s patience and their overall care for their employees.

North Texas Custom Plumbing provides the highest quality professional services including plumbing, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, replacements and repairs for the following:

Disposal – Located in the kitchen sink, this appliance prepares food to be discharged from the home through the home’s sewer system.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning – The drain and sewer lines lead waste water away from the home. Periodically they need cleaning to protect against clogging and backup.
Hydro Jet Cleaning – A method of cleaning with high-pressure streams of water to remove buildup of debris.

Slab Leaks – Foundations hold pipes and sometimes leak, if not repaired will cause substantial damage.

Toilet Repair – From fill valve and flapper kits, valve repair kits and flush valve kits, to the gasket and hardware and more, they’re prepared to address any issue.

Grill Natural Gas Lines – These are the lines connecting outdoor grills to natural gas lines. Failing to install, repair or inspected regularly can cause unnecessary danger.
Advanced Camera Diagnosis – A specialized camera used to inspect piping from the inside out.

Faucet Repair/Replace – They have the products and expertise to improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom, whether they’re installing new updated fixtures or repairing preexisting hardware to good working order.

Remodels – Looking for a new bathroom or kitchen? They can help with any remodeling job you might have in mind.

Tank-less Water Heaters – The licensed professionals at North Texas Custom Plumbing specialize in the installation and repairs of water heaters as needed. Their friendly staff will answer any questions you may have about your new tank or tank less water heater and can provide consultation regarding repairs or new installation.

As you can see, there isn’t a facet of plumbing expertise that NTCP can’t assist with. You can even follow their blog located on their website to stay “in the know” about current plumbing tips and suggestions.

Whether your plumbing concerns are minimal or seem impossible, North Texas Custom Plumbing has your solution. Contact them today at 972-382-8324. You’ll be glad you did!


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