City Council Approves the Downtown Master Plan at January 8th Council Meeting

The City of Celina took a monumental step towards its future vision on January 8th when the Celina City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Celina Downtown Master Plan. Created in partnership between the City of Celina, Ideation Planning and the community members, the plan lights the way for bold and meaningful actions that both protect the city’s charm, while making way for further improvements, amenities and development.

While Downtown has maintained its charm throughout the decade, the foundation has so much potential to build upon. Identified as the city’s strongest asset in the 2018 Community Survey, the new master plan outlines strategies to:

·Add plentiful housing choices to support more shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

·Showcase a Historic Texas-style through landscaping, architecture and branded improvements.

·Expand and enhance the Downtown Square with a beautiful new, family-friendly design.

·Shift the focus from traditional roads to scenic connections for walkability, bikability, and better movement of cars.

·Provide walkable, multi-story buildings that add to a sense of place.

Weaving four community identified themes into the fabric of the plan not only created a unified story for Downtown Celina, but it maintains an authentic place to live, visit, work and play. Keeping true to the Historic Texas roots, enhancing an already family-friendly community, providing even more outdoor living opportunities and increasing the moments for entertainment became the true hallmarks of this plan. It was with this level of collaboration and attention to detail that resulted in a plan that won with overwhelming support.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the work that the community and the planning team has put into this project,” said Jason Laumer, Celina City Manager. “We listened to what was important to the residents and other stakeholders, and I think it truly shows in the strategies and other components of the Plan. It gives us a roadmap for the future, to grow Downtown in a way that is responsible and respects our heritage here.”

The new Downtown Master Plan already is underway and the community can look forward to seeing the vision continue to come to life. For more information on the Downtown Master Plan and engagement efforts, visit the website at:

Information courtesy of City of Celina Website (

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