Meet the Candidates: Celina City Council, Place 1

Bill Webber

Celina City Council, Place 1

I just wanted to introduce myself to those of you whom do not know me. My name is Bill Webber and we have lived in Celina now coming up on 13 years. Our son is in the 7th grade in CISD, my wife and I have owned a business in Celina called Housewarmers for almost 8 years now. We welcome new residents that move to town by introducing them to local business’s in the area with the “little red bag” at the doorstep.

We moved to Celina because of the charm of the downtown, it was love at first sight. I remember saying this has so much potential. So, we decided to build a home here. The next thing I know, I am being asked to join Planning and Zoning because of the concern I had with a developer that was doing work in our subdivision. A little over a year later, I was in the midst of running for a Council seat. After finishing that term, I decided that I would run again for another. During this time, we were blessed to be part of the Founding families of Grace Academy that started in Prosper, which unfortunately closed its doors.

Between coaching my son for 10 seasons in soccer and then getting him involved into baseball (coaching), being on the school board, Celina Main Street Board and traveling for work it was time for me to step away for a bit. I took a 3-year sabbatical, then came back to run for office 3 years ago. What I bring to the table is consistent integrity, honesty and commitment. I have shown that I have been transparent as well. I have fought for Preston Hills, Carter Ranch and Creeks of Legacy just to name a few and not to mention those that needed a voice in this town. Please consider me for the Re-Election of Place 1, I am here for all the right reasons.

Bill Webber


Justin Steiner

Celina City Council, Place 1

Celina’s long-standing values held by residents, community leaders, and elected officials determine the City’s character. These shape not only the future advancement of the City, but the continuation and preservation of our culture and traditions, as well.

Our values guide the community’s strategic-planning, event-planning, capital campaigns, budgeting, city services in addition to our objectives, goals, mission and vision. It is important that every elected official be transparent about who they are and what they stand for. Elected officials’ values must also reflect the very character of the people they represent.

The definition of VALUES: principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

My Platform:

  • Promote the development of a family-friendly, thriving and aesthetically attractive city that results from thoughtful development, preservation efforts and maintaining our cultural heritage.
  • Promote a transparent plan for the City that reflects the highest standards of design quality for both public and private commercial entities as well as residential, institutional and industrial development.
  • Promote buildings and public infrastructures that are both practical and visually-pleasing while honoring the desire of our residents to keep a certain charm and feel to Celina.
  • Promote and support all operative municipal services such as water, sewer, natural gas, police, fire, emergency medical access, schools, library, roads, parks and other public amenities.
  • Promote efforts for every citizen to feel safe and confident that their families and property are protected from criminal harm. I will work diligently with the Celina Police Department and support them fully as they continue to do just that.
  • Promote strong relationships with County, State and Federal officials recognizing that Celina is part of a larger regional community and that intergovernmental cooperation is imperative.
  • Promote and support community business owners and their growth by continuing to partner with the Celina Chamber of Commerce.
  • Promote a feeling of community engagement encouraging full citizen participation, guaranteeing an opportunity for everyone to actively take part in city government and share in duties and responsibilities that will benefit Celina.
  • Promote a spirit of volunteerism where citizens work together for the betterment of Celina, welcoming new residents and including them in our efforts to build a strong, vibrant, family-friendly community.
  • Promote the “ALL STUDENTS” mentality: encouraging school spirit and pride by supporting students in community-building efforts whether that be on Fall Friday nights, Christmas Choir Concerts and theater productions, or UIL academic competitions… ALL STUDENTS! Even though I am a dad to two Bobcats, I will not ignore all of the talented students that attend Prosper ISD.
  • Lastly, I pledge to work hard to have a city government that is honest, dependable, transparent, innovative, resourceful, economical and most importantly, ethical.

“Just because Celina is changing doesn’t mean our time-honored core values have to.” – Justin Steiner, Celina City Council Candidate, Place 1


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