A Good Man Makes a Good Bobcat

Coach Elliott makes his home in Celina, Texas with his wife Kathy. They have two sons, Nathan (21), who plays football for The University of North Carolina and Caleb (19), who is attending Fire School to become a Fireman.

Coach Elliott loves leading the Celina Bobcats for many reasons. One of the things he loves most about this town is the tradition…and he believes in the importance of maintaining that tradition while Celina grows. He says the support given from the community for every sport is unbelievable and the funds raised and the love from citizens and parents are second to none.

He believes in the program and knows for a fact that it works. First and foremost, they’re raising good young men. He knows that if you teach character, integrity and responsibility to young men, they will naturally become the leaders that it takes to have a winning football team. Coach Elliott sums this philosophy up by saying, “As long as kids are where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to be doing, the rest will take care of itself.” This philosophy has proven itself successful and is one of the main reasons that six of the current Bobcat coaches, who personally went through the Celina Athletic program, choose to coach here. In other words…don’t fix what isn’t broken.

“A good man makes a good Bobcat,” says Elliott. “We’re here to develop great young men, citizens and good leaders.” When asked what kind of team Celina has, he sums it up with, “In terms of character, sometimes you may not know for years what kind of team you had until the players come back home. When they come back with their wives and as fathers, as just good men, that’s when you know.”

And when we asked if the Bobcats are going to win this year… he says in the way only a true Texas Football coach can say, “Well, HECK YEAH we’re GONNA WIN!!!” His confidence and response may make you laugh, but you can’t help but be convinced. After all, Celina is running 6-A numbers in a 4-A district.

Coach Elliott believes that the key to success and raising good kids is submission. Everyone has to submit to someone which teaches humility. He says that as coaches, they don’t back down to expectations. Whether you’re talking grades or haircuts. “If I can’t trust you to cut your hair when asked, I probably can’t trust you to run a play on the 4th down either.”

Coach Elliott is proud to say that his list of role models includes his own father, who has always been very humble about his own athletic abilities. His father taught him the lesson every young man needs to learn about not giving up or quitting. He learned early on that all quitting does is make it easier to quit the next time and it’s best just to never let the habit take root. His list also includes Coach G.A. Moore and Coach Butch Ford who Elliott says have influenced his life as great examples of what it means to be a husband, father and coach.

The institution that is Celina Bobcat Football and all that it implies is a no option, all or nothing mentality. What makes Celina successful is that there is still a UNIFIED goal of raising great kids. Coach Elliott is very committed to the effort it takes to be a winner and create winners. And aside from winning the State Championship, that’s the best goal you can make!



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